y i like to make myself pain leh ?

stupid stupid stupid !!!

huhuhu ~~

juz now view her fb

iknow ~

she still like her ba ~

haiz ~

y i stil wan to hurt myself ~

adui ~~~

i means xiiao yuu ~

hmmm ~

dunno wat she thinking now ~

but sure wont thinking of me la ~~~

yes ~

i m not stupid at all ~~ XD


ahahahah ~

dunno y the heart ~

still got some pain ~

i know ah ~

the yellow colour de things ~

is niki like de ma ~

the coco colour de things ~

is cong like de ma ~

aiyo ~

y i wan to follow u and like that two things ?

i juz luv doraemon only lololo ~~~


haiz ~

 wat fucking words m i writting ?

huhu ~

broken eng @@

nvm la ~

no ppl will find out this page de XD

ahah ~

ok la ~

now wan go oioi le lo ~~~

nitez =]

min min 



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