today going school again ~

so rajin nia ~

ahahah ~

today very hot lo =[

i wearing baju kurung 

the stupid long long de skirt n clothes

make me so hot nah =[

today listen many taklimat ~

all also wu liao de la ~

i sleep for many time ~

din ' diao yu ' at all

straight sleep when sit on the chair ~

so pro ~



haiyo ~

today ah ~

not good lo ~

i miss her ~

dunno y suddenly miz her ~


i saw my hand wearing de ' ye ke '

and miz her lo

miz her first time hold my hand



fuck off ~

hate the feel ~

always miss you ~

but no choice

i have to leave u




tmr din go school ~

yeah yeah XD

self holiday =]



~ 小湛的世界 ~

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